As you can see from the blog post title. Yes! I was freee!~ Meaning YES! I have no assignments due the next day = Monday and i can go out have a nice family outing at Freemantle.


My awesomely stunning 2nd big sister!~ AKA the Patisserie Chef in the making. She was sick for a few days and she’s all better now! Weww hoo~


Denim Collar Shirt from Cotton On

Black Skinny Jeans from ValleyGirl

Dark purple knitted scarf from Rubi

Nuts and Bolts Necklace from Diva

It’s a really simple,casual,relaxed fitting ootd for a nice windy yet sunny day at Freemantle. Unfortunately,it got quite sunny and i took off my scarf for a while and used my knitted beanie as a replacement 🙂 but change again afterwards..hehe

So, my family and i just walked and shop a little around Freemantle market, got the best ever traditional cinnamon donuts from the food market (SO YUMMY!) and orange juice (typical). Dang, i should have bought a boomerang and a kite when i was at Freemantle. Whenever i go out picnic in the park or just having a walk, i always think of doing some leisure time like flying kites and what nots.


This is so random but i ended up taking a shot of people from japan doing a tourist documentary. My first time seeing this, i was SAKAI okay! The japanese lady wearing the school girl outfit had freakin thick eyebrows! But i was just a stick on, it looks so weird and funny though! hehe…. AND! also i was surprise at my samsung camera’s photo quality. It looks so sharp like i was using a canon dslr.Or maybe the picture is smaller in my…ok i’ll stop with my blabbering of nonsenseness!~~ (is that even a word?)

After happy time inside the Freemantle market. We went to have a late lunch at the Dock Seafood. I’ve posted a blog post on the Dock Seafood place before, go check it out 😀


We had the king salmon, seafood platter and the red emperor. The food was okay, it’s better the last time i ate.  This time,it was just not what i expected and i’m kind of dissapointed. The seafood platter wasn’t fresh at all! The calamari is i don’t even want to say it, just horrible. We’re nice enough not to complain, we’re all good~


Just a random building i took in front of the restaurant that we’re eating. It looks so pretty like an old church or like buildings from the early centuries. OH, and did you know Freemantle was an island where prisoners from the UK were to live? Prisoners are allowed to stroll around the place instead of just staying in their cells! I really want to do a night tour at the Freemantle prison but i’m such a little girl~ I watch all those paranormal documentaries but i don’t dare to even experience one myself. (BTW,i’m not planning to either)

After the whole afternoon in Freemantle, we went back home and relax and watch MY KITCHEN RULES! That night was the finale and i was so stoke! Jake and Elle VS Dan and Steph. Both teams are so damn good,it’s just so hard for the judges to even pick one! But in the end there has to be a winner and it’s Dan and Steph! Woo hoo~ The cute-sy couple, aww…. they so deserve to win! Presentation,food, overall is amazing! Sad to see it all ends, and i’m currently excited for Masterchef Australia – Boys vs Girls plus House Rules!~ So many good tv shows to watch.

4 more weeks to go till my trimester ends! Gotta work hard till the end. I have Culture to cultures class, like i’ve said before (if i’m not mistaken). Just hate it!

Okay, end of my post. Blog again laters~


Kuza / Carousel


Trying to change my format of my blog post. Cause i usually set it as center paragraphing but this time i’m going to justify it. Hope everyone is doing well on this fine day. Didn’t have any classes today. Yay!~ My friends think that i have so many free time and i’m always relaxed and stuff since i only have 3 days of classes a week but NOOO! I have so many freaking assignments to do and it’s freakin stressing me out!~ Can’t stand it, i don’t even know one of my units, like why do i have to learn it! So confused… ANYWAYS!~

Went out for a nice lunch at a Japanese restaurant name Kuza and after a nice nice shopping with my family at Carousel (apparently the largest shopping centre in Perth).

ImageChicken Katsu Ramen  (Yum Yum)


Had a great shopping time with my family ( mom especially (: )


PENGUINS! I know my camera skills is so bad, it’s blurred. HehehImage

This neon yellow sport shoes so nice right?! The design is really nice as well! From rubi, didn’t buy it though as i already have a nike one.


BOOOTS! It’s from Shoeshow, winter is near and i need a new winter boots.Hehehe… This cost AUD 55, discounted. I didn’t buy it though. I’m just going to wait for a month more then i will decided whether to get it or not. 🙂

Most of my time spent at carousel was at Diva. We only had 3 hours to shop at carousel since it closes at 5pm. My mom,aunt and i are so obsessed with looking at accessories, i’m not even joking! I think we stayed there looking at each accessory closely for 1 hours,Haha!

Now, off to the mini HAUL!~ 


First of, i bought this spike grad necklace from Diva. I always wanted one of these, seen these necklace from Forever new. It cost around AUD20, which was not a bad price. My mom said it’s pretty and nice and told me to get it, so i did. I was at a ” i’m just gonna buy anything ” kind of moment.Image

Mixed metal bolt necklace also from Diva. This was 1/2 priced which made me so want to get it, cause i think it’s kind of unique and i never had anything like this. I was like joking about how i can just get any bolts from the repair shops and make it myself but i end up buying this instead. Haha! It’s a little heavy but not the type where you will feel annoyed, i got used to it really quickly to the weight. Cost around $6.50,was $12.99. I love it (:Image

Such a bad quality photo of this necklace. I will soon get my camera fixed/batteried then i can sooth readers eyes again!~ haha. This isn’t mine, it’s for my sister. It’s called a Festival necklace from Rubi. This one is in lime green/yellow. My mom got hers in black. I liket his necklace, so shiny and has a pop of color from the strings. Rubi had a mini sale for selected items, 2 necklaces for $10, one used to cost $10. Good bargain!


Ohh yeaah~ Krispy Kreme doughnuts all the way from Melbourne. Why don’t they have Krispy Kreme in PERTH!! We Perth citizens so need one to get our doughnut craves fix!

That’s kinda it for my day. I love it when my parents are here. So many laughs in the house 🙂

END! Blog laters~

Shopping at the city~

Hello hellos~

Slept 4 hours on Tuesday because i need to finish my design practice assignment. OMG. I was so tired when i went to class on Tuesday morning. I can’t barely keep my eyes open. I though i’m able to go back home after class and just jump on my bed and take a nap but i had to accompany my mum and aunt to go shopping nearby my place. Coffee didn’t work out for me when i decided to go to Dome and energize myself with a boost of expresso and an ice cream (Affogato, oh yea~ ). I feel like i’ve been walking like a zombie for the rest of my Tuesday. Weeird!~ But i did have a well rested sleep with dreams in my head that night and woke up at 11am today.

My plan with my family today was to go shopping at the city. Hoorah!~ Was a good warm, easy breezy wind weather today.Such a nice day!


Picture of the day~ Wore a flowy light black polka dot dress from Cotton On.


Bag for the day.

It’s a long time since i’ve use this bag. Red vintage hard material bag bought from Ego in Brunei. It’s kinda hard to walk with this,i realised cause it’s hard and stiff.

My family and i just go around the city shopping,simple as that. We only had 3 hours to shop because shops close at 5.30pm today. Only AUSTRALIA shops closes before night. Well not all shops but most shops, but i got use to it.

2013-04-24-23-01-45_decoIsn’t she a beauty? (:  It’s called the Karen Diamond Collar Necklace by Colette Hayman

This is the only thing i bought today and oh gosh, it’s so worth it! Hehehe . I have been eyeing on this necklace for ages whenever i go to Colette. FINALLY i decided to just go ahead and buy it because they don’t freakin discount their necklaces! They discounted alot of necklaces all the time but just not the pretty ones. This necklace cost AUD 19.95. At first i’m like ooo, too expensive for me and now i’m like oh what the heck,just buy it! Hahaha

After city, we head to Coles to buy some food for our barbie (bbq not the doll) party with my family tomorrow cause it’s Anzac day! A public holiday indeed. Oh i love public holidays because i get to see lots of people walking around,so lively in a less entertaining country~

That’s all for my post. Till next time, i’ll see ya again!

Weekend Over!~ Parents are here!


I can’t believe it. Saturday and Sunday pass so quickly! Tomorrow is already Monday. Why oh why~ Anyways, met up with my ex-housemate Delicia yesterday for lunch! Yipee~ I missed her. Been few months since i’ve seen here since she went back to KK to follow her dreams! We talked alot and had lots of laughs. Hope to see her again real soon (:

Went to a Japanese/Korean restaurant called Is Donburi at Northbridge. I love that place.The food is just great!


From Top Left > Bottom : Tofu Japanese Ceaser Salad, Terriyaki Pork Don & Pork Katsu Don

It’s the 2nd time eating the tofu ceaser salad and i really really love it!Hahaha!~ It’s really different and i don’t think other japanese restaurant have this (that i know of). It’s sweet and savoury. The tofu is really yum! 😀 As for the other dishes,it’s lovely as well,the pork Katsu is abit tough, i think it’s because they didn’t tenderize it. Overall it’s all good.

After lunch, we just headed to a Taiwan dessert place ( That i also love very much..hehehe) called MeetFresh. Damn it’s always crowded with people,mostly asians cause the desserts there is really great! Didn’t take a photo of it thought cause i took a picture of the desserts a few weeks back on my instagram. Then later, we just head home and said goodbye.And that’s basically it for my Saturday. Was suppose to go Ice skating but was cancelled. Darn!

My parents came to Perth this morning!Woo hoo~ I miss them. We just went for dim sum at Dragon palace, Northbridge. Today’s business was so hectic and all the workers were so busy, had to wait for our food orders for a long time. Image

We then head to the city through northbridge and saw this event called Northbridge O-day. Lots of people had the northbridge o-day flag and i was wondering, where did that come from. Kids were getting their face painted, which was so cute because some had batman mask, butterfly, princess liked,etc. There was also a carousel ( merry-go-round) and also an advert on OVO Cirque Du Soleil. I really really wanna watch the circus but it’s really expensive. 😦 IT WAS CHILLY TODAY! 21-14 degrees. Get to wear my jacket and feel cosy! I guess i wont be seeing 28-35 degree weather anymore!Woohoo!

After city, we just went to subiaco market to get some fruits and veges for tonight’s dinner and to IGA to get some meat. And that’s it for my Sunday! WHY TIME PASS SO FAST! I have class tomorrow at 8am! Nooo… Oral presentations are coming up and i’m so nervous (as always).

Hope everyone had an awesome weekend! That’s it for my post~ Look forward for my next post! ^^

Oh and do check out my DeviantArt if you like (: I post my artworks that i’ve done for the past 1 year and current artworks as well!

End of the weekdays!! WOO HOO

Hello everybody!~ 

You know what day it is? It’s FRIDAY! That means it’s the end of the weekdays/school week! OH yeah…. my assignments are done and handed in and i’m so HAPPY! That i can relax tomorrow and go ice skating with my friends! Hope you all have a wonderful Friday as well. I had a tiring day today! I had to wake up at 6.00 am but i overslept till 8.18am and i was heck rushing and didn’t wash my hair and i tell ya, i was having a BAD HAIR DAY!~ My head was just concentrating on getting to campus straight away to do my editing for my soundscape assignment. Sigh… Anyways,glad the day was over. 

Finished class at around 4pm and later at night i went out to have dinner at a newly opened korean bbq restaurant called Sun BBQ. It has 2 stories, the first floor is a cafe and the 2nd floor is for BBQ. There was lots of people eating there and i thought it would be really worth trying there.

My jacket for the night. I just had to use it today even tho it’s not that cold outside. Bought this jacket from Forever New last month so i can get ready for winter. My very own parka! Always wanted one that goes below my butt. And what’s good about this is that the hood and the wool vest inside is detachable! What a bargain for a pricey coat like this. I won’t buy anymore i swear! (:


Yea i had to instagram my face whenever i go out. It’s a habit. Hehehe. Car lighting is so amazing.

ImageOverall the food was not bad. But for a price like this,it’s definitely not worth it for me! We ordered pork belly and it cost AUS 15 and it only has 3 slices, Wagyu beef for AUD30 for freakin small bite size pieces and kimchi soup for AUD 10 ( the soup is not bad). Not to give a bad review on this restaurant, i did have a good meal but i prefer not visiting again any time sooner. Only for breakfast or a coffee maybe.I like that their chairs can be opened to put your bags in.So convenient and make things neat.

Dinner was great, i think i never laugh this much in a long time, my throat still hurts!Hahaha!!~ After dinner we just went home and said bye to our friends. I’m going to have a good night rest tonight and plan for my day tomorrow! My parents are coming on SUNDAY!!~ Can’t wait to see them,i’ve miss them (:


That’s all for my post. See you next time!


Pina’s Place / Jamie’s Italian

Hello hello

I had a quite relaxing/good/wonderful day today after all the stress and hardwork from filming my soundscape assignment yesterday with my friends. Glad it’s over and done with and i can move on to editing tomorrow Friday morning. I have to wake up at 6.30am to get to campus by 8am! It’s gonna be worth it after how successful me and my team mates have done for the soundscape (:

ANYWAYS….. Had a lovely breakfast with my sister after i drop my film equipments to campus in the morning. Suggested we go to a place at South Perth called Pina’s Place since my sister never tried the food there before.


Doesn’t it look yum and hearty?!  From left to right to bottom : Hot Chocolate, II Grande, Florentine

This is my second time coming here and i’ve noticed that their portion size for the breakfast became smaller. Florentine doesn’t look like that when i first came. They use to give 2 slice of toast and more salmon! Nooo~ But it was good anyways. Kind of pricey for a breakfast that i would eat. II Grande was AUD17 and Florentine was AUD13 i think. I miss their scoopon promotion, AUD19 for 2 people.My sister and i was really full after breakfast.

After breakfast,we had to meet up with my eldest sister near her workplace to go renew our visas. My sister’s visa was allowed to renew but mine wasn’t because i do not have enough days! Oh noo~~ I have to stay here till my days in Australia adds up to 730 days. Seems long but time will pass.

After everything was settled, i met up with my friend Wona and met her friend Hitedo who was Japanese.He was nice and so shy.Hahaha! But yea, we had a great lunch…. AT JAMIE’S ITALIAN! Been wanting to try his restaurant out since it opened but didn’t have a chance to,so glad i got to go just now. We had to wait 30 mins in queue and 45 minutes for the table. It was packed during lunch time but slowly settle down after people go back to work. There was a bar/waiting area for you to wait and drink.





20130418_131322Black Angel Spaghetti AUD 14.00

20130418_131341Winter walnut salad AUD7.50

20130418_131347Wild Mushroom Ravioli AUD 12.50

The food was really yummy.My favourite one is the Black Angel spaghetti, i just love the sauce so much! It’s like a light spicy crab sauce. It’s really good! The pasta was al dante which i prefer. The ravioli was really good as well. The mushroom sauce is lovely as well as the salad,very refreshing!

What i was surprise was the portion size because me and my friends decided to pic the smaller portion price because we are going to share but when the food arrived, it’s pretty little. I think it is worth getting the large portion dish. But overall the food was great,i would definitely come back again. PLUS my parents are going to be here soon and i will definitely come here for dinner with my parents so do anticipate for my 2nd post on Jamie’s Italian ^^

After lunch, my friends went to Morley to go shopping while i head back home to work on my assignments. Damn i hate assignments! I’m finally done with my reflection essay for Culture to cultures and ready to hand it in tomorrow. So happy that tomorrow is FRIDAY. Weekend the next day and no assignments to do,i can just relax! HEHEHE

End of my post. Watch out for another one tomorrow!

Get to know me TAG – Part 1 –

Hello everybody!~

I’ve decided to do the Get to Know me tag since i find it interesting and readers out there don’t know me very well, i would love to introduce myself and for you guys to get to know me a little (: This tag has been in the youtube/blog world for a long time already. I’ll also be doing in 2 parts which the first one is just some general questions about myself and the other is more to an my interest and kind of beauty related. Let’s get started shall we?

One more thing – I got this first Get to know me tag from UK youtube makeup guru – StyleSuzi.

Vital Stats
Name: Shin Lin
Nicknames: Shinee / Shin- bone (During highschool)
Birthday: 24th October 1994
Place of Birth: Brunei Darussalam
Star Sign: Scorpio
Occupation: University Student

Hair color: Black
Hair length: Chest area
Eye color: Dark Brown
Best feature: Hair? I’m not sure.I don’t think i have a best feature tho.
Braces: No. But i do want to get one. My teeth looks horrible at some parts.
Piercings: No. (I can’t wear beautiful earrings!) I might go get one.
Tattoos: No.
Righty of Lefty:  Lefty

Best friend: A girl name June since Kindergarten. ( We still are best friends)
Award: I got a medal for relay running (Where you do some stuff like grabbing a ball and running to the end to put the ball,etc) when i was in primary school (:
Real Holiday: Genting Highlands,Malaysia

Film: Harry Potter!Harry Potter!Harry Potter!
TV Show: Hard to choose just one. I would say The Vampire diaries/ The Grimm
Color: Pink~Pink~Pink
Song: Currently been loving Lanterns by Birds of Tokyo
Restaurant: In my hometown (Brunei) would be Excapade Sushi Restaurant and in Perth would be Tuck Shop
Store: Ally Fashion/Forever New/Forever 21/Topshop/H&M/Valley Girl/Temt (Lots more!)
Book: I don’t read books much but recently been reading catching fire and it’s so good.Can’t wait for the movie to release.
Magazine: Artsy fartsy fashion magazines
Shoes:  Ballet flats. I want to say heels/pumps but i’m too tall to wear them. 😦

Feeling: Awake! (I took a long nap and yea it felt good)
Single or Taken: Single
Eating: Nothing
Listening to: Stop Time – Landon Austin (CHECK HIM OUT ON YOUTUBE)
Thinking about: My Soundscape project assignment. (Screen practice unit is not my thing)
Watching: Nothing
Wearing: T-Shirt & Owl Print PJ pants!

Want Children: Yes
Want to be married: Yes
Careers in mind: Fashion Designer/ Stylist/ Make up Artist
Where do you want to live: London!~

Do you believe in:
God: Yes
Miracles: Depends
Love at first sight: Maybe
Ghosts: Yes
Aliens: No
Soul Mates: Maybe
Heaven: Yes
Hell: Yes
Kissing on the first date: Depends
Yourself: Yes!

That’s it for my tag post! Was fun thinking of answers to these questions (: Feel free to try these questions if you like.i TAG you all!

Till next time! TTYS